How to get AWS IoT parameters for ThingsPro AWS IoT connection UI

To fill up the parameters below, do the following steps:

  1. Login AWS services, click AWS IoT You will see the dashboard.

  2. Click connect and Click Get started.

  3. Click Linux/OSX and Click Python

  4. Click Get started

  5. Fill in the thing name. e.g.:8112. This name will be used for Client ID and My Thing name of ThingsPro AWS IoT connection UI. Click next step when finishing fill the name.

  6. Click Download connect kit. After finish download, click next step.

  7. Click Done.

  8. Unzip the downloaded, you will get private key, certificate file …etc.

  9. Download AWS root-CA file from following URL:

  10. Copy the content, save it as root-CA.crt together with private key, certificate file. root-CA.crt , private key and certificate file will be used for ThingsPro AWS IoT connection UI

  11. Back to your Dashborad click Registry and Things. You should see the “thing” you just created. Click it.

  12. Click interact

  13. The Endpoint is the target host of ThingsPro AWS IoT connection UI.

  14. The topic is as below:

Finally, you should be able to fill up all required information for connecting to AWS IoT service.

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